Trinity Communications, located in Dubai Studio City started our operations in November 2006. Popularly known as Trinity, it is the creative hub where ideas and visions come to life. Based out of Dubai Studio City, the unique positioning has enabled Trinity to position as a premier communication house. The genesis journey with a small team has led to the present where it is a vibrant space nurturing the creative energies of its members and reaching out to the local community and beyond, to further the growth and the passion. A wholly integrated media marketing agency. Our basic premise is "Observe, Learn & Incorporate. We have studied market dynamics, human behavior and the interactivity of the two. Now, with over 6 years experience backing us and a plethora of fresh ideas propelling us, we offer you a diverse range of communications services. Out-of-the-box creative solutions, Media planning and buying, Brand identity, Interactive & PR are just a few strengths amongst our diverse and vast portfolio of offerings.
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